Satellite Service Level Agreement

Availability is defined as the percentage of time a customer has access to broadband service in a given month. Because ALS guarantees a specified quality of service, it is an important tool to determine whether an Internet service is right for your network needs. By checking the SLAs before you sign up for the service, you can analyze and compare the expected quality of service on the providers and help you choose the best services for your business. This is the average time needed to restore service. Downtime is measured on the basis of the time elapsed between the issuance and resolution of a troubled ticket, as recorded in the Broad Sky problem ticket database, divided by the total number of trouble tickets issued to a customer during a calendar month. Once you understand the effects of Uptime, you need to understand how the provider defines them. Most ISPs include their central network and up to the customer premise (DMARC) in uptime metrics. However, some SLAs limit the service guarantee to the network manager`s only central network, with the exception of the customer access network. Operating time only for the central network is of minimal importance to customers, as it eliminates any warranty for the last stage of the connection directly linked to your office. In case of chronic performance problems that were not resolved after 30 days after the first submission of trouble tickets at the broad Sky`s Network Operations Center (NOC). The customer can terminate the contract without additional penalties or service charges. If BROAD SKY finds that the BROAD SKY network was not available for a calendar month, BROAD SKY reduces the applicable monthly fee by 0.5% for every 1% of unavailability below the expected availability of 99.5%. The Broad SKY Enterprise satellite network is available to the customer on average 99.5% of the time per calendar month, an average of the last twelve (12) months.

The availability of the BROAD SKY network is measured from the cumulative number of minutes that the BROAD SKY network has not been “available” per calendar month, as determined exclusively by BROAD SKY. “network availability,” a service outage due to a WIRELESS BROAD SKY SAT network, which prevents the customer from connecting to remote terminals from the customer`s location. “Network Unavailability” does not include the unavailability of the BROAD SKY Satellite network resulting from any of the following events (“Excused Events”): BROAD SKY confirms receipt of all e-mail service credit requests within 24 hours of receipt and will verify all requests within 10 business days of receipt. The customer is informed by email when responding to the request. The client works with BROAD SKY to review the service request. When service requests are made, the customer must pay the full service bill and not charge the service credits they would expect from BROAD SKY. The service credits provided as remedial measures in connection with the ALS described here are BROAD SKY`s sole responsibility and the client`s exclusive recourse in relation to the services to be provided under this agreement. BROAD SKY will provide its service in accordance with this ALS and describes the client`s sole remedy for BROAD SKY`s inability to provide such ALS under BROAD SKY Service. ALS and/or guarantees, with the exception of the network performance ALS listed above and as described here, whether explicit or implied, are out of reach, including guarantees of market continuity and adequacy to a specific objective.